The "Shorty" Burner

Note: Rex now has a web page devoted to the various burners he is producing. From there you can access his burner/forge troubleshooting page, or a burner price sheet page. I suggest you read through my page here first however, as it has a lot more information specific to the Shorty burner. After reading through this page, if you are interested, go to for further information.

The "Shorty Burner" is an outgrowth of the T-Rex Burner, and has most of the properties the T-Rex exhibits, but comes wrapped in a smaller package. This burner is ideal for mini-forges, like my Freon Tank Mini-forge. In fact Michael and Rex specifically designed this burner for the Mini-Forge, or other light applications. It is a superb heat source for many applications, and worth considering, not only for mini-forges, but as a hand held torch for brazing, or other local heating needs. If you are building a full sized forge you should be looking at the T-Rex and not the Shorty. It does not have the same heat output as the T-Rex, but is probably on a par with the Reil or EZ-Burners. The advantage if this burner is its compact nature. For a portable forge this is an ideal burner. It is so compact and short it can be mounted and left in place as a permanent part of the forge. It does not stick out so far as to be a hazard or inconvenient, nor is it heavy enough to contribute to overturning of the forge. The built in choke system is a "slider" choke, and functions extremely well, allowing operation of the burner across a wide pressure range to provide heat levels from candle flame to mini jet engine equivalents. I should add that, although the burner tube is smaller than other burners, the Shorty Burner is NOT a pencil burner or micro torch. The burner nozzle is full sized, and it produces a full sized flame.

Like the T-Rex, this burner is a true "hybrid" design, and generates an output equivalent to a larger diameter burner by creating a tremendous vacuum in its ventouri intake structure. Also like the T-Rex, it could probably be used as a carburetor, and the gasses piped a short distance to feed one or more nozzles that are remote to the burner itself. The T-Rex would be a better choice for this application however. The burner tube for the Shorty is 1/2" diameter, but remote piping of the gasses would probably require a 3/4" plumbing system, or the back pressure may become a critical issue.

One aspect of the Shorty Burner needs be understood from the outset. It is a fully engineered package, and any changes that you make to it will degrade its output. When you look it over closely you will see that the nozzle has an extra piece of stainless pipe inside the nozzle sleeve. This is to increase the "step" distance. If your nozzle needs replacement you must make one with this additional step distance or it will not function properly. You can't simply forge a short length of pipe and slip it over the burner tube, or buy a premade flared nozzle, like you can with other burners, including the T-Rex. In order to make this burner function as it does, it required pushing the envelope to a degree that it takes this burner out of the realm of the easily maintainable and buildable burners we have become used to using. I strongly advise against changing any of the design features of this burner. To do so will almost certainly result in decreased output, or possibly no output at all.

For more information, and prices, please Rex's  Burner Page. He is producing these burners, as part of a family of burners similar to and including the T-Rex. I do not sell these burners, so please do not contact me about obtaining one. Thank you.

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