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Railroad Spike Snake

I received the following e-mail from Tamara Ahrens regarding a railroad spike snake I forged for her. She contacted me and asked me to make one for her after she saw the railroad spike snake images I have posted on my Gallery page. I appreciated her e-mail so much I asked if I could post it here, and she kindly granted me permission to do so. I greatly appreciate her kind words.

Dear Ron,



Even my husband, who was a bit skeptical of my purchase, picks it up a few times a day and openly admires it. (It even has found a temporary home on his dresser... I'll reclaim it later.)

So, thank you VERY MUCH! Very cool. Very, very cool.

The detail is superb. The body is long, sleek and the curves are natural-looking. The bronze on the head and tail is a wonderful touch to highlight the blue and purple hue from the heating. The extra work of eyes, nostrils, and ribs far exceeded our expectations.

My husband is currently trying to figure out what else we could ask you to make, especially as we build our house. In his own words, "Most of the time when you look at someone's creation, you can see how they did it and appreciate the work. When you see something  like this, the process is hidden and all that's left is true art." I don't think I could say it better myself.

I hope the charity auction goes well. Your packing was great and UPS delivered it last Friday (sorry, I've been away from my email.)

Take care and best wishes,


Strike-a-light Strikers

I post far to few of my customer's comments, but thought this one more than justified the time to do so. This comment came in response to receiving two "strike-a-light" flint and steel strikers I forged for Steve Kramer, a professional photographer in Thailand. Both were my best quality (museum quality) patterns. These images are of the two strikers I sent Steve. C-striker, U-striker. As you can see in the images, I am now leaving some of the file surface pattern on the strikers to show their origin and add some additional interest. I really appreciate Steve's very kind comments. If you wish to contact Steve in regards to these strikers I will be happy to furnish his e-mail address. He is already buried in spam e-mail, so I don't wish to add to it by posting his address here.

"If exquisite form plus exceptional function equal perfection, then Ron Reil has reached the pinnacle of blacksmithing art with his creations of the steel Strike-a-Light flint strikers. I purchased two different designs; the standard "C" shaped model and the open "U" shape, and both are a delight just to hold in my hand. But as these are functioning devices, their real beauty explodes into a shower of red hot, long burning sparks when struck against a good piece of flint. It's the 4th of July over the Mall in D.C. as the sparks burn and burn. I've now tried twenty strikes with each striker, and caught a glow with my char cloth on the very first strike in 18 out of the 20 attempts. Only two times required a second strike. Now THAT is function at its best. The problem comes with the fact that I don't want to put down the striker to make the fire. It just feels too nice in my hand. Thanks, Ron, for a job very well done!"

And I mean every word of it too!  :-)

Steve Kramer (Thailand)

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