Sea Dart's Current Status

A New Book

A new book, "Sailing Among the Stars" by Laurel Wagers, is about Sea Dart, the boat itself, and not so much about Tristan Jones, although he is an important part of the book. This excellent little book was authored by Laurel Wagers. I spent time with Laurel during her information researching stage, and also was privileged to be able to help proof the manuscript for this interesting and different piece of work. If you would like to learn more, there is an information page available for that purpose. I am particularly chagrined because the image of Sea Dart used on the cover is one I took in Barbados when I first bought Dart. I hope you will enjoy this latest addition to the existing library of books that feature Sea Dart in one way or another.

Visit the "Sailing Among the Stars" Information Page

Sea Dart Comes to Idaho

Sea Dart has been donated to the Idaho State Department of Parks and Recreation. The State has officially taken over everything related to Sea Dart. The State maintains a Sea Dart site to which they post the latest information as it becomes available.

Sea Dart was successfully moved to Idaho, partial restoration completed, and she promptly returned to Seattle to be featured in the Seattle boat show in January 1999. She then returned for further restoration, the rigging mostly, and she has now started her new job representing the State of Idaho in boating related events.

A Day Sailing Sea Dart

The following images were taken at the end of September 1999 on Cascade Reservoir, Cascade, Idaho. I was very privileged to have Sea Dart offered to me by The Idaho State Department of Parks and Recreation to allow me, center in picture, to take my family sailing for a day. My daughters Kimberly, 17, Natalie, 6, and my wife Gretchen, no age available, along with Kimberly's boyfriend Neil, joined me for a day of sailing. It was not like the old days of blue water sailing, but it was greatly appreciated by my family and me. The opportunity the Parks and Recreation folks provided me to introduce my family to Sea Dart was greatly appreciated, and I would like to thank them all very much for that wonderful day. 


It looks like Gretchen and I are alone, but the rest of the gang are below decks.

I hope you find the images interesting. Looking at them you get the idea that the winds were dead, and they were in the beginning. A few hours later the winds freshened, and in fact blew so hard that my young daughter Natalie was scared to death as Dart put her lee rail under the water. As the winds came up the clouds came in and I felt it was time to call it a day. I dropped the sails and brought her in under engine. I was not out to prove that I could sail, so didn't attempt to bring her in to the dock under sail. That may have ended in disaster had I done so....grin. We pulled Dart out as the weather became colder, and before we left for Boise it was snowing! When we arrived in the morning it had been 22 degrees and Dart's deck was coated with ice. That was the first time I had ever seen any ice on Dart, or even seen any ice when near Dart, including in a cold drink. You get used to drinking 95 degree beer when cruising the tropical seas in a small yacht, that is when you are lucky enough to get a beer.  :-)

May you have fair winds and following seas. Thank you for the visit.

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