Images of Sea Dart Taken 1968-1997

I took the following pictures of Sea Dart between 1968 and 1973. I have very few pictures of Dart, considering how long I owned her. I was mostly interested in documenting my travels, and not capturing Sea Dart. I regret that now, but I had no idea that Dart would ever become so noteworthy.  I do have more images, and when time permits I will  have the slides printed, scan them, and add them to this gallery.

If you wish to use these pictures, I would appreciate it very much if you would contact me for permission. Also, I would appreciate it if you would give me (Ronald Reil) credit for the pictures, and to reference this site with a hypertext link to it. Thank you.

Interior Images

The following are pictures of the inside of Sea Dart the way she was while I sailed her through the Caribbean.

This is looking aft, out the main companion way. It shows some of the navigation instruments at the top of the image. The navigation space is to the left, and the galley space to the right. 

This is taken looking forward. The emergency radio is on the center left, with a storage locker above. Below the hatch with the painting of the sailing ship is another hatch to the tool locker. On the extreme right is my bunk. The bunk on the left was for my first mate, Brooks FitzPatrick. 

This is taken looking aft and to the right. It is the galley space. The stove is a kerosene stove that required preheating with "meths", alcohol. 

This is an image looking aft showing both the galley on the right, and the navigation space on the left. 

Exterior Images

The following images are of Dart at sea, or undergoing maintainence. I also have included one image of my sailing partner Brooks FitzPatrick, sitting in the cockpit.

Dart is at anchor shortly after she had come into my possession. Notice the radar reflector in the aft stays.  

This image was taken in Barbados shortly after I became the owner of Sea Dart. She is sailing south along the western shore. I was sailing my other small yacht "Vega", and a friend was at the helm of Sea Dart. 

Here Dart is being returned to the sea after her hull was repainted. The painting is not complete, but I wanted to get her back in the water so that I could sail her. I finished the painting while she was in the water. The beach is directly behind my home on Gibb's Beach in Barbados. Dart had been in my driveway for her hull painting. 

Brooks FitzPatrick was my good friend, and first mate, for much of the sailing I did on Sea Dart. He finally left me, and returned home, while we were anchored in Bequia, WI, and I sailed on alone for a period of time. I later returned to Bequia where I sold Sea Dart to Tristan Jones. 

Fitz and I are sailing south along the western shore of St. Vincint. There is almost no place to anchor as the floor of the sea drops away very steeply next to shore. We did spend one night here, but departed for Bequia the next day because of hostility shown by the natives. Bequia was all together the opposite. Its native population were very friendly to us. 

Images of Dart in Seattle

The following images were taken in March, 1997, in Seattle while I was visiting with Rick Segal, the current owner of Sea Dart. Overall Dart is in excellent condition considering her history. Her hull has ben glassed, and it was done very well as not a blemish is to be seen. The interior still needs some work, but the quality of the work already done is evident in the images. The "doghouse cabin" is the only major part of Dart that remains to be rebuilt. The original doghouse had been removed to allow Dart access into a hotel in New York City for display, and the replacement, although similar in design, is no where near the original in quality. One other thing that I might add, it was a very dark day when I took these images. I have brightened them in editing, but they are very dark even so.

I will not include a separate description for each picture as I did above. I think that each picture is self explanatory. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me. The quality of these images is not the best due to the drastic editing I performed on them. Each image was 1.7 megs originally, and is now a fraction of that. The colors in some of them suffered when I reduced the color depth. They do show what is intended, so I will not worry about the quality reduction. I should mention that the gentleman on the left in the image just below is Rick Segal, the current owner of the boat, and who is donating the boat to an organization for the use of children, in keeping with Tristan's last wishes.


I hope you have found these images of Sea Dart of interest.  I will add more to this gallery as time permits. Dart will be moving to Idaho soon, and when that takes place I will post images of her current location and condition after final restoration. 

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