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I created this page in response to e-mails I receive asking questions that are not answered on my site, or may be difficult to find the answers for on my site. Since I no longer can personally answer e-mail questions, I will provide this page to answer questions which are still sent to me on occasion. I will continue to expand this page as new questions come to mind, or I receive them in the mail.

1. How far should the burner nozzle enter the forge chamber?
The end of the burner nozzle should not enter the forge at all, but be set back into the Kaowool an inch. The Kaowool provides insulation from the intense heat of the forge chamber to prevent burning or melting of the nozzle. The Kaowool should also seal tightly around the nozzle to prevent flow of gasses either direction past the exterior surface of the nozzle. You can form the opening in front of the nozzle by inserting a conical plug of wood into the opening in the Kaowool, and leaving it there when the forge is not in use. After a short time, and a few firings, the Kaowool will take a "set" and the hole will no longer try to close in front of the burner nozzle. You can then store the forge without the conical plug and the hole will remain open and well formed. The inner surface of the hole should form a continuation of the inside surface of the nozzle. A small "step" from the inner nozzle surface to the Kaowool will not damage the flow characteristics.

2. How far should the burner mounting tube enter the inside of the forge shell?
It shouldn't enter the shell at all. It should stop at the surface of the shell, whether you weld it, or braze a flange on it and bolt it to the shell.

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