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My Adventure Narratives

Narrative #1 - Aleutians - "The Discovery"

Narrative #2 - Aleutians - "Volcano of Gold

Narrative #3 - Mountaineering - "Total Commitment"

Narrative #4 - West Indies - "Mantas"

Narrative #5 - Backpacking - "The Meteor"

Narrative #6 - Cave Diving - "Unlucky Dive #7"

Narrative #7 - Sailing - "Dangerous Anchorage"

Narrative #8 - Sea Dart - "Dart's Rescue"
(Tristan Jones/Sea Dart Page)

Narrative #9 - Tristan Jones - "The Good and The Bad"

Narrative #10 - "Week of the Buzz-Tails"

Tristan Jones and Sea Dart

My Sea Dart/Tristan Jones Page

My Tristan Jones Page

Sea Dart's Current Status

Images of Sea Dart - Before, and Now